About us

Project leader

Stephan Leitner (for details see here)

Stephan Leitner holds a doctoral degree in the field of social science and economics and currently is affiliated to the Universität Klagenfurt, where he is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Management and Economics. His research mainly applies simulation-based research approaches to questions in the context of management science. His doctoral thesis focused on noisy information within cost accounting systems. Recent work is concerned with rendering neoclassical models into (multi-agent) simulation models. This approach lies in the core of the methodology applied in the proposed research project. 

Project members

Friederike Wall (for details see here)

Friederike Wall is affiliated to the Universität Klagenfurt where, since April 2009, she is Full Professor and Head of the Department of Management Control and Strategic Management. She received the “venia legendi” (Habilitation for Business Economics) from the Universität Hamburg and afterwards became Full Professor of Business Administration, esp. Controlling and Information Management at the Universität Witten/Herdecke, Germany. Her scientific work is focused on distributed decision-making, management control systems and the quality of the information provided by these systems. Her main research approach is defined by agent-based simulation methods and agent-based technologies. Most recently she works on the emergence of multiple controls (composed of, for example, performance metrics, incentive schemes, coordination mechanisms) in different contexts and based on behavioral assumptions that go beyond the ideas of the representative agent as often captured in economics. 

Patrick Reinwald (for details see here)

Patrick Reinwald is a doctoral student in the field of social science and economics at the university of Klagenfurt. He holds a Master degree in business and economics and received his higher school certificate at the higher technical college in Villach for Software Engineering.